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Giant Little Ones - last shot

film notes: Giant Little Ones

I loved this artful post-gay high-school film from Canada, starring a wonderful Josh Wiggins as questioning Franky and Kyle MacLachlan as his newly gay dad.
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C.O.G. gay film review by Rick Powell

film note: C.O.G.

I haven’t read the David Sedaris “essay” this film is based on, or if I have I’ve forgotten it, but I have read Me Talk Pretty One…
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film review: La Noche

I had some trouble the first time getting through Edgardo Castor’s La noche/The Night, gay art movie from Argentina, but now after having watched it three times, and crucial scenes more than that, I’m convinced that it’s closer to a masterpiece.
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30 Best LGBT Films of All Time — An alternative to the BFI list

In the dialectical spirit of Liz Phair’s song-by-song response to the Stones’ Exile on Main Street, I present my alternatives to The BFI’s list, The 30 Best LGBT Films of All Time. Any list with such a pretentious and implicitly self-aggrandizing name deserves some kind of response, so…
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Scene fromTrémulo, a beautiful gay short from Mexico

Best Gay Movies Since 2000

Note: In making this list of gay movies, I considered what was important to me, rather than what was important to the culture at large, not least because there are inevitably estadounidense biases, and often European ones as well, built-in to lists like these. As a corrective to…
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