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Gallery: Marco Berger’s Los Agitadores | Horseplay (Argentina, 2022)

Marco Berger’s Los agitadores is filled with hot men playing around with being gay. That’s not all there is, but that’s mostly it. Berger tries to mount a social critique by ending the film with a violent act of homophobia that is shot out of focus and a short aside that suggests one of these men raped a young woman. But what registers most strongly are the bulges, pits, muscles, and cocks, so I don’t know how seriously to take the critique.

Here’s part of what I had to say over on Letterboxd:

Berger showed some balls in El Cazador and so I’ve been hoping that his obsessively formalist gaze would turn elsewhere, to other milieux, other classes, other kinds of bodies. As much chance of that, I guess, as Argentina gaining some kind of control over its economy. So, instead of trying to suburbanize Chabrol, I suggest that he try porn and employ Brazilians.

Oh, and by the way, Argentina isn’t this white, not by a long shot.

A two-star review of Horseplay by Rick Powell on Letterboxd

In any case, here’s a gallery featuring some of the most beautiful shots of those men. If you want to watch the movie, leave a comment or join the Telegram channel.

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