Gallery Post: Cola de Mano

Cola de Mano
Directed by Alberto Fuguet
1h 42min, Chile, 2018

Ephebophiles rejoice! At least 20 minutes of this visually impressive but structurally lax feature from Chile were made just for you…uh, us!

Teenage-dream Borja, played by Cristóbal Rodríguez Costabal, discovers his brother’s gay porn mags and realizes, after sniffing his bro’s jock and donning it while jacking off in front of a mirror, that he’s just as gay as all the other men in his family.

Costabal’s got great thighs and amazing unshaved, non-trimmed pits and if he’s not 16, which he surely isn’t, he sure uses them well to keep us believing that he is and thereby glued to the movie’s first hour.

Then tragedy strikes, Borja grows up, and the film leaves the fucked-up family’s house, while scattering elements of thrillers and slashers here and there. I mostly lost interest.

Still, I give it a qualified recommendation, particularly for the sensitive direction of a capable cast and the resourceful and arresting shooting style. Carmina Riego as the brothers’ bitter but pithy mom steals the show.

The San Francisco Bay Times has an interview with the director and so does Gay City News.

Learn how to make the titular Chilean Christmas beverage.

You can watch Cola de Mono on Amazon Prime. #CommissionsEarned

Or leave a comment and find the film in my extensive collection.


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