Free Gay Movie on Vimeo: Shabbat Dinner (Michael Morgenstern, 2012) USA

Shabbat Dinner

Directed by Michael Morgenstern
14 mins, USA, 2012

Watch it on Vimeo and give the director some love.

Shabbat Dinner is boring as usual for William Shore. His mother has invited two crazy hippies and their son and is doing her best to show off, his father is drunk and berating their oddball guests, and he doesn’t have much in common with their son Virgo. That is, until Virgo tells him that he has just come out as gay. In William’s room, the boys speak directly to each other about themselves, while just a few feet away, the adults discuss trivialities about prep school, marrying Jewish, and nonfat ice cream. Shabbat Dinner opens a window into the world of Upper Middle Class New York society, with its myriad rules and tensions. In telling the coming-out story of two boys, it addresses universal issues of finding acceptance and truth as a teenager.

Director Michael Morgenstern on IMDb

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