Free Gay Movie on Vimeo: Šake | Hands (Jasna Nanut, 2014) Croatia

Šake | Hands
Directed by Jasna Nanut
30 mins, Croatia, 2014

Watch it on Vimeo and give the director some love.

The following synopses will not give you much of an idea of what’s it’s like to watch this short, which I enjoyed even more the second watch, for its freeform, elliptical narrative tactics and its flawlessly naturalistic performances. It expresses it’s nonjudgment of the lead’s sexual choices through its form, which is quite a feat these days, or any day really.

After a short and intense relationship, Mišel is left alone. Broken and lost, he starts searching for love again, in all the wrong places…

When his boyfriend suddenly leaves him without an explanation, Michel develops a fear of emotional attachment. He starts meeting other people, but every new pair of hands remind him of his ex.


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