Made me cum: Pvt. Jack Marino gut-punched by Axel

Pvt. Jack Marino has made me come a number of times during his always-hot wrestling matches from the UCW. He’s usually the jobber and that suits me just fine. Here in this bulging ball-busting match with Axel he really gets stomped.

I came as Axel pounds his abs and the camera focus on Marino’s torso and half-hard dick in his singlets.

Side note: Marino’s naturally hairy-chested but I guess they make him shave it for the matches. Too bad, but at least he gets to keep his pit-hair.

Of all the white boys on this site, he’s the prettiest while still remaining butch.

Pvt. Jack Marino, my favorite wrestler from the UCW.
Pvt. Jack Marino

Experimente este lubrificante!

Tenho que me conter para não gozar desde que mudei para esse lubrificante. Eu adoro! Talvez você também goste. #ComissãoGanhada

Bonus clip of Pvt. Jack Marino humiliated and forced to flex

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