Filme gay completo de graça: El diputado | Confessions of a Congressman (Eloy de la Iglesia, 1978) Espanha

El diputado
Dirigido por Eloy de la Iglesia
1 hr 50 mins, Spain, 1978
Spanish language, English hard subs
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El diputado is a Spanish drama film directed by Eloy de la Iglesia. #CommissionEarned The film revolves around Roberto Orbea, a young and ambitious lawyer who is selected as a member of the Spanish parliament. Roberto is a leftist candidate who is committed to fighting for the rights of the working class and the oppressed. However, once he enters the parliament, he becomes disillusioned with the political system, which he finds corrupt and inefficient.

Roberto’s personal life is also in turmoil. He is in love with Carmen, a young and beautiful woman who works as a journalist. However, his relationship with Carmen is complicated by the fact that she is a member of a radical left-wing group that is involved in violent activities. Roberto is torn between his love for Carmen and his commitment to his political beliefs.

As the film progresses, Roberto becomes increasingly disillusioned with the political system. He witnesses firsthand the corruption and backroom deals that are commonplace in the parliament. He also becomes embroiled in a scandal when a woman accuses him of sexual assault. Roberto is forced to resign from his position as a member of parliament, and his reputation is ruined.

Despite his setbacks, Roberto remains committed to his political beliefs. He joins a group of activists who are fighting for social justice and equality. In the end, Roberto is killed in a violent confrontation with the police during a protest. The film ends with Carmen mourning Roberto’s death and vowing to continue the fight for justice in his memory.

Overall, El diputado is a powerful and thought-provoking film about the corruption and disillusionment that can arise in the world of politics. It is a cautionary tale about the dangers of compromising one’s principles for the sake of personal gain, and a tribute to those who are willing to fight for what they believe in, even in the face of overwhelming opposition.

Spanish director Eloy de la Iglesia makes the connection between sexual and political preference in this post-Franco picture about an ex-homosexual lawyer, Jose Sacristan, who is now married to a beautiful Marxist, Maria Luisa San Jose. Sacristan has strong socialist leanings, but he keeps them hidden until he is arrested and thrown into prison. His time in jail reactivates his repressed homosexuality, and he begins once again to pursue young boys. Meanwhile Franco dies, and all political prisoners are released. Sacristan can now breathe freely, unafraid of repercussions resulting from his political beliefs. Unfortunately, hiding his renewed homosexuality presents a new problem. He develops a serious relationship with a young hustler, Jose Luis Alonso, but Sacristan’s Marxist preaching doesn’t interest the boy. Originally released in Spain in 1977, EL DIPUTADO was more relevant and daring in post-Franco Spain than it is now to Americans. Despite the ingenious premise and depiction of homosexuality in an honest, realistic light, the film may turn off some viewers because of its stilted acting and militant speechmaking. The film’s availability on videotape provides an excellent opportunity to see a commercial Spanish entry that made no impact on American shores. (In Spanish; English subtitles.)

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