Filme gay completo de graça: Getting Go: O Projeto Go Doc (Cory Krueckeberg, 2013) EUA

Getting Go, the Go Doc Project
Directed by Cory Krueckeberg
1 hr 31 mins, USA, 2013
English language, no subtitles

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Doc (Tanner Cohen) is an average gay college student awaiting graduation and living in New York City; his social life is mostly on the web. He is obsessed with Go (Matthew Camp), a hot go-go dancer at various clubs. Doc spends his evenings creating photoshopped nude photos of Go. One night he drunkenly sends an email to Go pretending to make a documentary about the NYC club scene and asking if Go would be the subject of the film. Surprisingly, Go replies and agrees to be filmed. The fake film project becomes a reality as Doc follows Go through his daily routine and sees what life is like for him. The two grow closer to each other eventually becoming a couple. Doc comes out of his shell and Go proves to be a lot deeper than the shallow façade he displays.


Both Matthew Camp, the dancer, and Tanner Cohen, the student, pour so much heart, emotion, passion and their own personal truth and self analysis into the narrative that it rises far above the mere homosexual wish fulfillment fantasy it might seem to be on a superficial level and is without a doubt the best gay film of any kind and from any nation I’ve seen since James Ivory’s Maurice — which is saying one helluva lot.

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