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Nota de filme: Tensão sexual: Volátil

Only Marco Berger's sexy short is worth seeing in this gay short-film compilation from Argentina.

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This omnibus film from Argentina is co-directed by Marcelo Monaco e Marco Berger, and focuses on erotic male bonding. What else could the subject be with Berger involved?

Still, so named, it’s a good idea if your films actually display some sexual tension. Monaco seems unable to produce any. I didn’t like any of his inert and amateurish shorts in this set. Berger’s three contributions are good for the most part, and the one called El Primo may well be the most explicitly erotic film he’s done, featuring as it does the bulging underwear of a smooth & slim young man obsessed over by Javier De Pietro’s character.

The bulge is so prominent that it practically becomes a character itself. It was great to see an older De Pietro, who played the adolescent nymph in Berger’s Austente. He’s scruffy, for one, and just as good as he was in the earlier feature, and just as hot for dick. I’m not sure, but it could be he actually got some in this one, since the film elides what happens after a very, uh, pointed and funny come-on.

Taken as a whole, however, the concept gets pretty old after a while and by the time the two mildly douchey muscle boys started taking selfies of each other to send to their girlfriends in Berger’s final, fairly glib short, I’d basically checked out.

Still, if this sort of thing gets you going, it’s worth a look.

Film still from Sexual Tension: Volatile
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octubre 26, 2021 9:25 AM

I love the segment “El Primo”, whose themes ? voyeuristic lines of sight, very subtle physical contacts etc. ? will be elaborated in his later films, especially in Hawaii and Taekwondo.

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