Key Film Texts

Important texts that have contributed and continue to contribute to my development as a film lover and writer. Books, articles, quotes, essays, posts, and reviews. A growing list, first published way before it was finished.

The Male Glance, Lili Loofbourow, VQR Online
I hope the author won’t mind, but this adroit analysis of how art by, for, and about women gets dismissed could apply to films by, for, and about gay men — at least those films not anointed by the Euro-gringo cinephile establishment. In which case, it’s the straight male glance.

The Responsibilities of a Gay Film Critic, Robin Wood
Wood’s example encouraged me not only to come out as a gay critic in the pages of an independent culture magazine in Indianapolis in the mid 80s, something that just wasn’t done, but also spurred me on to make my own gay movie.

Books by Robin Wood
The most important of these books for me was Hollywood from Vietnam to Reagan.

The Cinema of Inadvertence
We bad-movie watchers have our own anticriteria, the sorts of badness we prefer.
By Phil Christman on The Hedgehog Review

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