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Pete Buttigieg è ancora più superficiale di quanto pensassimo, rivela un nuovo documento

I’m chagrined to say that I was at first mildly impressed with Pete Buttigieg when he started running for president. I didn’t think that he and I had the same politics ? far from it; I’m a Bernie fag until I die ? and I thought that it was obvious that he signed up for the military exclusively so he could trot that out when he ran for office. His record with the Black community in South Bend? Let’s just say that they didn’t like him much.

However? well, I’ll just let Andrew Sullivan take over:

To put it simply, Mayor Pete seems almost designed to expose everything that makes the country tired of Trump.

Andrew Sullivan, The Intelligencer

That means that Buttigieg is so bland and inoffensive that he’s bound to look high-contrasty and kinda-sorta appealing when compared to Trump’s artificial hair and skin color and his often offensive verbal diarrhea and windbaggery.

Buttigieg seemed electable at the time, for a little while?

But that’s a terrible metric to choose a candidate who’s supposed to be and claimed to be transformational. Plus, I should have known better than to listen to Sullivan.

Anyway, a new documentary called Mayor Pete is said to reveal the ultimate shallowness of Buttigieg’s ambitions. (I’ve just added it to the Docs folder in la mia collezione, or you can watch it here on Amazon Prime US.) #CommissionsEarned

Krystal and Saagar of Breaking Points have the scoop:

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