Mi ha fatto sborrare: Savage schiaccia Brad Martin in un sexy incontro di wrestling JPWA

I remember when I first discovered the JPWA back in the late 90s. Finally, someone was producing wrestling videos with young guys I actually liked. (No black or brown dudes, unfortunately.)

Of course, I had been jacking off to wrestling videos before I was even physiologically able to cum. I watched whatever I could find and, over the years, had compiled my favorite pro wrestling matches on a well-used VHS tape that somehow never wore out completely.

But here was a site that was clearly aimed at gay men with cute muscular guys. Reading the video descriptions excited me instantly. I spent hundreds of dollars on these tapes over the years of collecting them and they’ve made me cum countless times.

Even though I carefully digitized them all and put them on an external hard drive before moving to the Czech Republic, the hard drive was eventually stolen. You can read about my life there here.

Luckily, lots of pervy gay guys liked JPWA too, so you can find most of the matches online in varying degrees of quality. The most comprehensive collection can be found on Vimeo.

I’ve embedded a rematch between Savage and beefy-but-pretty hunk Brad Martin. Martin’s debut made him a star, mostly for his ability to take a beating and look fuckin’ hot while doing so. Here his muscles, bulge, and pits are also shown off to good effect. I’d never seen this one before, and when Savage put Brad in a backbreaker, I came.

Did they video make you cum? Let me know in the comments.

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