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Film gay completo gratis: O Presente | Il dono (Daniel Wierman, 2020) Brasile

O Presente | The Gift
Directed by Daniel Wierman
16 mins, Brazil, 2020
Portuguese language; English
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A mysterious, sexually-charged 17-minute short film from Brazil, The Gift follows Zeca, played by Luiz Felipe Bianchini.

Opening with his narration, we learn that he is lonely ? searching night after night for a lover who has yet to appear. When he cuts out of work to buy his sister a birthday present, he instead meets up with Lino, an attractive stranger played by Fabricio Licursi.

The two men share a strange sexual encounter in an empty apartment. Later, when Zeca arrives at his sister?s birthday party, he gets an unexpected surprise of his own.

Filming in a spare, naturalistic style, director Daniel Wierman breaks up scenes of mundane, day-to-day activities with sublimely-staged eroticism. The Gift doesn?t offer much in the way of narrative ? if anything, the film ends up leaving audiences with more questions than answers ? but it does an excellent job presenting the feelings and deep interior worlds of the characters.

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