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Film gay in streaming gratis: Sguardi d'intesa (Bill Sherwood, 1986) USA

Parting Glances
Directed by Bill Sherwood
1h 30min, USA, 1986

Parting Glances is a 1986 American film drammatico. With its realistic look at urban gay life in the Ronald Reagan era and at the height of the AIDS crisis, many film critics consider it an important film in the history of gay cinema. It was also one of the first American films to address the AIDS pandemic. First-time director Bill Sherwood died of complications due to AIDS in 1990 without ever completing another film.


It’s a film of subtle and elegant musicality.

Time Out

This 1986 feature is pretty much perfect on its own terms, though it isn?t a very ambitious project, taking the conventions of the contemporary urban ?relationship? movie and applying them to a gay milieu.

Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

Set in a long-ago funky and hip New York City, where nothing is a surprise and everything is possible, this film is a joyous comedic romp made buoyant by a charming and, at the time, unknown cast, including Kathy Kinney in her first on-screen performance.

Maya Montañez Smukler, UCLA Library

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