Film gay completo gratis: Amor Crudo | Raw Love (Juan Chappa, Martín Deus; 2008) Argentina

Amor Crudo

Directed by Juan Chappa, Martín Deus
15 mins, Argentina, 2008

Amor Crudo is part of a gay shorts compilation called Boys Life 7, which I was unable to find for sale on the web. However, it’s available in la mia collezione. Join the Telegram group or leave a comment for near-instant access.

Two friends spend the last days of high school together, but this will inevitably come to an end. Raw Love is a beautiful and sincere story of mixed emotions and secrets that one dare not speak aloud.


If Martín Deus has made something abundantly clear with both this short film and his feature debut Mi Mejor Amigo is that, yeah, there is pining and longing after an ambiguous hetero, but the crush itself is never the center of the story. His priority is showing us how the crush transforms the protagonist. The hot straight object of affection is merely a vessel for maturity and growth.

Chucho E. Quintero on Letterboxd

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