Gay-Themed Movie Reviews

Saúl and Orlando meet at a urinal in The Day Began Yesterday

Film review: The Day Began Yesterday

Any movie from Mexican auteur Julián Hernández should be met with celebration and gratitude. But The Day Began Yesterday is ...
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Scene from Bruce LaBruce's Refugee's Welcome

Best Gay-Male Sex Scenes in Movies of the 2010s

Filmed depictions of judgment-free gay-male sex are still rare. This list celebrates a few good examples of hot sex between ...
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Still from Panquecito

film notes: Panquecito

PanquecitoWritten & Directed by Chucho E. Quintero20 mins, México, 2017 In my perfect world, we'd get a new short from ...
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Giant Little Ones - last shot

film notes: Giant Little Ones

I loved this artful post-gay high-school film from Canada, starring a wonderful Josh Wiggins as questioning Franky and Kyle MacLachlan ...
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Frequently Asked Question: What the hell is a "gay movie" anyway?

Frequently Asked Question: What the hell is a “gay movie” anyway?

After reading BFI's LGBT list, responding to it, and running up against some of the contradictions and assumptions in the conceptualizations ...
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