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Recommended Recent Gay Short Films 2022

Recommended Recent Gay Short Films 2022

Life becomes so much easier if you factor out everything you can’t see or consume on the spot. Jonathan Rosenbaum ...
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Saúl and Orlando meet at a urinal in The Day Began Yesterday

Film review: The Day Began Yesterday

Any movie from Mexican auteur Julián Hernández should be met with celebration and gratitude. But The Day Began Yesterday is ...
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Scene from Bruce LaBruce's Refugee's Welcome

Discover the Hottest Gay Sex Scenes in Movies of the 2010s

Filmed depictions of judgment-free gay-male sex are still rare. This list celebrates a few good examples of hot sex between ...
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Still from Panquecito

film notes: Panquecito

PanquecitoWritten & Directed by Chucho E. Quintero20 mins, México, 2017 In my perfect world, we'd get a new short from ...
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