Closer to gods

There’s really no way a non-ironic gay Christian movie could entirely escape being really, really square; but, Rock Haven tries really hard. This movie surprised me at a couple points. The full frontal nudity, including what looked like one of the leads about to get wood, was only part of it.

The real surprise was finding myself moved, not by the expressions of religious faith, which, sorry, I still find kooky and way too touchy-feely, but at a persuasive attempt to connect the search for God with the search for a partner, and most surprisingly of all: To the search for sexual fulfillment. Somehow this movie manages to make sacred the gay extra-marital sex between two young guys. (I guess most gay sex is extra-marital in a legal sense, huh?)

I can grok all that on a philosophical level, at least. I also really dig that happy trail in the screen grab below, all wet from the shower. Hawt.

Stories like these need to be told, and need to be told from the perspectives of people who have such beliefs. At the risk of sounding full of myself, if Rock Haven can catch the attention of a non-theist like myself, then it’s proof that such stories don’t have to be stupid, or coy or anti-sex, which is what I was expecting.

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Rock Haven Boy in the Shower
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