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Bridegroom movie still

film reaction: Bridegroom

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make distinctions between tragedies, and between works of art, when the the most valued ethical characteristic of our YouTube-era selves is boundless narcissism. In other words, getting yours and anyone else’s suffering noticed and attended to depends on how good one is at marketing. Young Shane Bitney Crone’s YouTube video, …

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Sasa Kekez in Sascha, a movie directed by Dennis Todorović

film note: Sascha

Köln, or Cologne, was one of the gayest places I visited the last time I did a European tour. If you listen to the city’s government, which likes to tout the fact, it’s gayer than Amsterdam. Located on the Rhine in Germany and being that country’s fourth largest city, it’s not surprising that it’s also full of immigrants looking for better work and a better way of life for their kids.