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Wake In Fright

film note: Wake In Fright

Wake In Fright Directed by Ted Kotcheff 114 mins, Australia, 1971 Perhaps it says something about the difference between representations of American masculinity — as shown threatened and emasculated in period films like Deliverance and The Deer Hunter — and Australian masculinity, as shown here in this rediscovered gem, exposed with an unflinching, carefully constructed …

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film review Μαύρο Λιβάδ, Mavro Livadi, Black Field, 2009

film note: Μαύρο Λιβάδ – Mavro Livadi – Black Field

Μαύρο Λιβάδ (Mavro Livadi) English title: Black Field Directed by Vardis Marinakis 104 min, Greece, 2009 Although I was beguiled by the film’s settings — misty landscapes, shadowy mossy-green forests and the vast, brutal stonework of a mountaintop medieval castle and convent — and intrigued by the historical background — Ottoman suppression of Christians in …

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film note: Una noche

The handsome look of this film shot widescreen in Cuba on 35mm made it easy to feel immersed in its depiction of love, attachment, and youthful aspirations. The attractiveness and natural acting of the three amateur leads doesn’t hurt. But the plot is stretched too thin, and melodrama and fatalism eventually upend the film’s energy and the empathy generated by the characters and their desires.