film notes

C.O.G. gay film review by Rick Powell

film note: C.O.G.

I haven’t read the David Sedaris “essay” this film is based on, or if I have I’ve forgotten it, but I have read Me Talk Pretty One Day and When You Are Engulfed By Flames. My overall impression of Sedaris is that, although funny, he is barely able to conceal his misanthropy and that he likes things nice ‘n’ tidy. A little too tidy, particularly in that last collection in which every piece ends like a key entering a lock, whether it opens the door or not.

Dallas Buyers Club, a capsule review

film note: Dallas Buyers Club

I’m glad this movie talks about a time period that most people, even most gay men, have forgotten, it’s still too bad that this kinda dry vehicle will get seen more than any of the worthy documentaries about the response to the AIDS crisis, such as Voices from the Front, How To Survive a Plague, We Were Here and United in Anger.

film review of Dear Mr. Gacy

film note: Dear Mr. Gacy

I had a hard time caring about anything that happened in this inert, hard-to-believe story about college student Jason Moss who befriended serial killer John Wayne Gacy in order to get a look into his mind for a school term paper.