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Wake In Fright

film note: Wake In Fright

Wake In Fright Directed by Ted Kotcheff 114 mins, Australia, 1971 Perhaps it says something about the difference between representations of American masculinity — as shown threatened and emasculated in period films like Deliverance and The Deer Hunter — and Australian masculinity, as shown here in this rediscovered gem, exposed with an unflinching, carefully constructed …

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film review Μαύρο Λιβάδ, Mavro Livadi, Black Field, 2009

film note: Μαύρο Λιβάδ – Mavro Livadi – Black Field

Μαύρο Λιβάδ (Mavro Livadi) English title: Black Field Directed by Vardis Marinakis 104 min, Greece, 2009 Although I was beguiled by the film’s settings — misty landscapes, shadowy mossy-green forests and the vast, brutal stonework of a mountaintop medieval castle and convent — and intrigued by the historical background — Ottoman suppression of Christians in …

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