Gay Movies & Shorts on YouTube

Here I’ve collected all the full gay movies and shorts I’ve found on YouTube. Click any movie to begin.

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Graham Douglas-Meyer

Well done, this eclectic collection of short and feature movies provides a view of the many and varied life experiences of GLBTI people; heavy emphasis on the G.

GLBTI people have a long and productive history within the whole spectrum of occupations and families.

Thank you for proving a way to be able to access this substantial collection


Dissily Mordentroge

And interesting collection with some real gems. Some of the short movies trigger my usual frustration of being left wondering ‘What the hell happened next’


I am impressed with your collection of short gay films. I thought I had seen all the short films available on youtube. I am not even through a few pages and there are several films that I have not seen. I have a gay short film obsession and thought I had seen everything available until I found this treasure trove of movies that I will be binging on.


hi, Just found your blog . what a great collection. can you also bless me with the link of your personal collection of GTM please? Thanks in advance.

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