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M'a fait jouir : Bébé Catriel baise Samir

Self-labeled “straight-but-curious midget” fulfills Latino twink Samir‘s fantasy of? being fucked by a handsome, muscular heterosexual dwarf, I guess. He sure looks like he’s having a great time and is in awe of Baby Catriel, whose cock he worships profoundly.

I came just looking at the straight dude’s butt, thighs, and pits as he fucks Samir with Samir’s legs up in the air. I tried to capture some of Samir’s best expressions.

What else did I find hot about this? Like Samir, I’m surmising, the contrasts between straight and gay, little person and big person, white and brown, all work to make the scene hot. They both have nice dicks, too.

Essayez ce lubrifiant !

Je dois me retenir de jouir depuis que j'utilise ce lubrifiant. Je l'adore ! Peut-être que vous l'aimerez aussi. #CommissionEarned

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