Free Full Gay Movie : Madagascar Skin (Chris Newby, 1995) UK

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Peau de Madagascar
Réalisé par Chris Newby
1 hr 36 mins, UK, 1995

Langue anglaise, sous-titres en anglais

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Peau de Madagascar is a 1995 British film directed by Chris Newby, starring Bernard Hill and John Hannah. The movie follows the story of Harry, a shy young gay man with a birthmark resembling the island of Madagascar on his face, who flees the city and the shallow gay scene to find solace on a rugged coastline. There, he meets Flint, a crusty, older, and seemingly straight man with a questionable background. The film explores their unlikely relationship, which evolves from distrust to deep love through a series of glances and gestures.

Overall, Peau de Madagascar is a critically acclaimed but niche film that explores themes of love, acceptance, and the complexities of human relationships.


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