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Film gay gratuit : Ce n'est pas l'homosexuel qui est pervers, mais la société dans laquelle il vit (Rosa von Praunheim, 1971) Allemagne

It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives (AllemandCe n'est pas l'homosexualité qui est perverse, mais la situation dans laquelle elle se trouve.) is a 1971 Allemand avant-garde film réalisé par Rosa von Praunheim. The film was an emancipatory call for homosexuals to organize and fight for their freedom. It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse … triggered the modern lesbian and gay movement in Germany and Switzerland and also found great resonance internationally. The film became a media scandal because conservative homosexuals and heterosexuals alike rejected the demands for equality in all areas of life and the call for public solidarity.[1] The film premiered at the 1971 Berlin International Film Festival. The US premiere took place in 1972 at the Museum of Modern Art sur Ville de New York, the British premiere in the same year at the National Film Theatre sur Londres.[2]

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A harsh but deeply sympathetic sociological essay film about gay life in Berlin in a time of secrecy and oppression, with no diegetic sound and constant narration, following Daniel’s unsatisfying immersion into gay society.


Rosa von Praunheim takes the language of the scare film — the shoddy melodrama and stern voiceover — and uses it to both chastise the gay community for its bourgeois aspirations and to call it to political action. I’ve seen this being dismissed as dated camp, but it still feels vital — a queer reclamation of an artform that was once used to justify the slaughter of Jews and gays, and a wake-up call for those who would rather be complacent with begrudging acceptance than having actual rights. Despite the (expected) dated views on trans people, it’s sad just how much of this remains relevant nearly 50 years later.

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If by any chance the video disappears from Vimeo, you can download it here.

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