film still image gallery: The sex scenes from Daytime Doorman

O Porteiro do Dia
English title: Daytime Doorman
Directed by Fábio Leal
25 min, Brasil, 2016

Almost as intense as the sex scenes in Blue Is the Warmest Color, though they’re not monotonal at all, I had so much fun looking at the beautiful and inventively composed shots of the sex between Márcio and Marcelo in this wonderful Brazilian gay-themed short that I took a bunch of screenshots to share. Perhaps I went a bit overboard.

We don’t get to see sex like this, shot like this, very often, in any themed movie of any kind. It reminded me of the sex-tableaux sequence from Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho, but I think I like this scene better, perhaps because of its lack of irony and the male bodies full of joy.

Watch the embedded video below or on Vimeo.

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