Featured Gay Movie on Vimeo: Spokane

What I like most about this award-winning short is its honestly depicted, sly and subtle dramatization of masculine homosocial power dynamics, which the film asserts rightly that gay men can have over straight men, too, even in sexualized situations.

If the drunk straight bro had refused the sex on offer from the drunk gay bro, it would have been a betrayal of their spontaneously obtained and mutually agreed-to buddy-buddy rapport. I mean, they got bored at a wedding and then they shared a stripper, ya know, and a dude’s got needs. Who doesn’t understand that?

Since his Sundance award for this short, writer/director Larry Kennar has gone on to produce The L Word as well as write and direct a short-lived series called DTLA starring Darryl Stephens, who once sent me a spectacular dick pic on Scruff.

A queer, black college student is forced to confront the masks he wears from day to day when an old friend comes to visit. Director – Nyles Washington Cast – Isaiah Rusk, Nyles Washington, Elias Weinberg, William Kachi, Brandon Pegram Producer – Mackenzie McMahon Director of Photography – Zach Morrison Editor – Dionisio Traverso 2nd Unit Director – Rama Tchuente Co-Producers – Nyles Washington, Rama Tchuente, Elias Weinberg, Alexis Roberts Produced in Austin, TX with the support of the local film community we love.

From the Vimeo synopsis
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