Featured Free Gay Movie: Rites of Passage


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I’ll be extending the run of this streamer for a couple days because I found a higher quality copy. Look for a new streamer on the weekend.

I stumbled on this serious, action-thriller melodrama late one night on cable and ended up being completely absorbed, even though there’s no male-male kiss when there should have been. (At least not that I can remember. Let me know if I was wrong.)

Gay director Victor Salva made two of my favorite action-horror films, Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2. (I don’t give a fuck what Metacritic says about these films. They’re spooky and original. As a fan, I think even Jeepers Creepers 3 is worth seeing although it still looks unfinished.)

Salva was also convicted of sexual misconduct with one of the young stars of his breakout thriller, Clownhouse, which is stylish, effective, and also way weird in its blatant exposure of teen boys in tightie whities, especially considering his later conviction.

Muscle-twink lead Jason Behr, who’s quite convincing in this film as a defiant teen jock who comes out to his homophobic dad, went on to star in the first Roswell series. He’s straight, by the way, if that matters.

Dean Stockwell as the dad, and James Remar, as the escaped convict/ex-lover, also star. Juicy!

Watch Rites of Passage on Amazon. [#CommissionsEarned] The film gets 4.5 stars from viewers there and 6 from IMDb.

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