Nota de la película: Peyote

Dirigido por Omar Flores Sarabia
México, 2013

Disfruté aún más la segunda vez de este ensoñador, lleno de deseo, GTM mexicano de búsqueda adolescente escrito y dirigido por Omar Flores Sarabiaaunque sus defectos también eran más evidentes. Apenas es un largometraje, y Sarabia tiene problemas con los ritmos dentro de las escenas y con el ritmo general. También algunos de sus montajes narrativos me parecieron artificiales, aunque lo que ocurre después de que los chicos den en el blanco no lo es.

But what Sarabia does get right is remarkable, particularly in portraying the differences in speech patterns and inflections between two class-based dialects and how those differences play themselves out in the rapport between the two characters, who, despite their obvious attraction, can’t help but distrust and second-guess one another. They eventually sound more and more alike as they get acquainted, exchanging intimacies, flaws and fears. One of the film?s most beautiful scenes is shot into a mirror, after a quick, diagonal pan, as Pablo rubs Marco?s hairy chest. Marco?s expression is of astonishment, and a little bit of fear, as someone he wants gives him that; but, he doesn?t think he deserves it.

Rich-kid Pablo’s cheap video camera functions as a mediating device for all these differences, and Marco, the shiftless and less intellectual older kid, understandably keeps stealing it to get his points across, as the two kinda sorta document their escape together from their normal lives ? Marco from his itinerant one, living out of his car; Pablo from his upper-class one, neglected by his parents. Marco’s mischievous and surreptitious inserts, sometimes only a few seconds long, constitute love letters of a sort, not only to Pablo but to the kind of man Marco would like to be.

The landscape photography, centered in and around San Luis Potosí in Mexico, ain’t too shabby either, despite its trendy, glowing, Instagram-y look, and along with the sound design and original music, adds a rich vibe and quirky counterpoint to the teenage romantic drama.

I fell in love with this film, and suspect, given the chance, that Sarabia will make a movie as beautiful and stylistically bold as Alexis Dos Santos’ extraordinary Pegamento de Argentina.

“Art is like getting a good blow job,” says Marco.

O dando una, diría Pablo.


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