Free Full Gay Movie: Straightman (Ben Berkowitz, 1999) USA

Directed by Ben Berkowitz
1 hr 41 mins, USA, 1999

En inglés, sin subtítulos.

I remember watching and enjoying this low-budget, amateur indie for the first time at the Festival de Cine Underground de Chicago, where I also spent a while chatting with the film’s director, Ben Berkowitz. He’s straight, by the way, hence the pun in the title and the conflict in the film itself. Berkowitz was pleased that so many gay men who had seen the film appreciated his bearishness. Straightman also co-starred famous, possibly bi, local punk stud Joaquin de la Puente as Carlos, who, after a quick wrestling match, grind-fucks one of the other characters on a hardwood floor, beautifully exposing his perfect bare butt in high-contrast lighting. The scene ends with a lovely, extended display of post-coital affection. I worked up the courage to compliment Joaquin on his ass after the premiere and he laughed and slapped me on the back. “That’s why I did it!” he told me. Oh, those were the days before every scene had solidified and separated into humorless identitarian tribes. Imagine the brouhaha now over a movie like this directed and acted by straight guys. I have no idea if the film has stood the test of time, but I plan on watching it again soon.

Straightman” is a 1999 movie directed by Ben Berkowitz. The film revolves around the lives of two friends, one gay and one straight, who struggle with their identities and relationships. The story delves into themes of friendship, sexuality, and personal growth. The movie explores the complexities of human emotions and the challenges faced by individuals in understanding themselves and their connections with others.
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