Me hizo correr: El dominante latino Spike hace que el sumiso musculoso se coma su semen

I went in search of more Spike videos because he’s the mejor top latino I’ve seen in a while and I wanted to cum again watching him feed his cum into the hungry mouth of another muscular but submissive Latino bottom.

Yelling, “Puta! Puta!” must be Spike’s thing ’cause he says it here in este video, too. He also pulls out and comes all over Void’s lightly hairy chest. (I love Void’s coffee-brown cock, too! He’s rock hard as Spike fucks him silly.)

Puedes ver la gran gota de semen filling up Void’s mouth. He seems knocked out, delrious, in love with Spike’s big hard dick and cum.

(Discúlpame mientras vuelvo a ver el vídeo. Mis propias palabras y recuerdos de este polvo caliente me han hecho necesitar correrme otra vez).

OK, I’m back.

There’s a lot of kissing in this one, too, even more than in the Vídeo de Spike/Hoops. Lo siento chicos blancos, nadie besa más agresiva y apasionadamente que chicos negros y marrones. Hablo por experiencia.

There’s a great moment as Spike continues to fuck Void even after he unloaded into him. Void grins wickedly and punches Spike on the chest. If I hadn’t already come, I would have right then.

¡Pásatelo en grande con el porno gay latino a pelo!


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¡Pásatelo en grande con el porno gay latino a pelo!


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