Privacy Policy & Instructions for Deletion of Data

The Cinesexual runs analytics software which collects data about your visits to the site, just like 99.9% of sites on the Web.

This data is not used to advertise to you nor to track you, other than to find out what pages you look at on the site. Neither the software nor I can figure out who you are based on the data collected. I only use the software to find out what posts people visit the most and from what countries. Other than that, I can’t tell where you live or anything else about you.

Those of you who freak out about little sites like this one should be a shit-ton more worried about Facebook than me.

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When you comment, you are automatically subscribed to comments, although you can opt out. So, if you don’t use a real email address, you won’t know when I respond to your comment. But, that’s up to you. Again, why so paranoid about little sites like this one when Facebook is profiting from your data every fucking day and lying about what they do with it. Get. Some. Perspective.

I don’t use the emails for anything other than to notify you of follow-up comments. You won’t be subscribed to any list and I won’t share the emails with anyone. You’ll just have to trust me on that. If I abuse that trust, sue me.

If would like me to delete your email address, please send a message via the contact form. Please understand that I will also delete all your comments made using that email address, as well.

If you use a social login to make a comment, such as from Facebook or Twitter, those sites will track you. That’s the way it works. I’ve provided social logins for the convenience of commenters. I don’t profit from these interactions at all and have no control over how this information is used by the social media companies you use to login.

So there ya go: my PRIVACY POLICY. Bye!

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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