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Made me cum: Pvt. Jack Marino gut-punched by Axel

Pvt. Jack Marino has made me come a number of times during his always-hot wrestling matches from the UCW. He’s usually the jobber and that suits me just fine. Here in this bulging ball-busting match with Axel he really gets stomped.

I came as Axel pounds his abs and the camera focus on Marino’s torso and half-hard dick in his singlets.

Side note: Marino’s naturally hairy-chested but I guess they make him shave it for the matches. Too bad, but at least he gets to keep his pit-hair.

Of all the white boys on this site, he’s the prettiest while still remaining butch.

Pvt. Jack Marino, my favorite wrestler from the UCW.
Pvt. Jack Marino

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Bonus clip of Pvt. Jack Marino humiliated and forced to flex

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