Made me cum: Bruce Lee in Fist of Fury

I didn’t actually come this time although I could have — just taking these screengrabs of a shirtless Lee in Fist of Fury aroused me. #commissionearned

Bruce Lee was the first celebrity whose photos I remember masturbating to as a kid. I was obsessed the way I would later become obsessed with boxer Ken Norton and the Soloflex guy. #commissionearned. (I owned that book and jacked off to it many times.)

So, whenever I’ve heard Asian gay guys lament the stereotype of the weak, unmasculine Asian, I confess I don’t know what they’re talking about. I had lots of fantasies of fighting shirtless then naked with Bruce Lee, and eventually losing of course, as it should be, but not after knocking him down a couple of times.

He’s so cocky and confident. This might be the origin of my fixation on flexing, come to think of it.

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