Made me cum: BiLatinMen: Bash & Gym

Last updated on September 27th, 2022 at 11:58 pm

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Even though I haven’t been recording the sessions, I’ve been masturbating more than ever lately, mostly because I bought some new lube #CommissionEarned, which, combined with the ribbed silicone oven mitt I use as a jack-off aid, has just felt so fuckin’ good. I mean, really fuckin’ good, like so good that I whack off three times in a row.

My mini mitt came with my Yedi electronic pressure cooker, but maybe these would work for you. They’re certainly cheaper than anything you could buy at a sex shop. (#CommissionEarned from both those links.) Plus you could use them, ya know, for cooking, too.

Anyway, beefy, sexy Gym from BiLatinMen as made me cum more than once, with his dominant-top style and that cute patch of hair between his big pecs. In this session, he gleefully and powerfully works over cute, lean Bash like a pro. Bash enjoys Gym’s brown, veiny dick and Gym knows that he loves it. There’s a look of supreme appreciation on his face as he pauses to admire it before going down on it again.

I always cum before the end of BiLatinMen videos, so I need to watch this one again to see their cum shots.

Get off to gay bareback Latino porn!

100% BUTCH

Get off to gay bareback Latino porn!

100% BUTCH

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