Gay-Themed Movie Reviews

Buakaw Banchamek in Thong Dee Fun Khao

Film response: Thong Dee Fun Khao | Legend of the Broken Sword

Is this a great movie? Nope. It's not even a great martial-arts movie — the fight choreography is often awkward ...
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine promo poster

Jake and Captain Holt Say Goodbye

There are few scenes in American films or shows that depict gay men and straight men having conversations, in general, ...
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Teen boys in Ping Pong Summer

Film note: Ping Pong Summer

Originally published on Letterboxed. I probably responded more positively than most to this teen period comedy's commitment to its own ...
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The Spectacular Now

Film note: The Spectacular Now

It's possible that director James Ponsoldt did not have the courage to make the movie that some of the well-observed ...
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