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Gay-Themed Movie Gallery: Rubber Dolphin

There aren’t many good gay movies that focus on sex as a subject to explore rather than simply exploit. Combining honesty, seriousness, and hotness seems beyond most filmmakers, gay or straight. It might be because, as a culture, we are so certain of our sophisticated ideas about sex. In fact, we’re still adolescents; still suppressing; still avoiding; still sniggering.

I’ve compiled a list of good gay-sex scenes in movies. The list was short. There aren’t many good ones and even fewer that do more than turn us on or make us watch.

Rubber Dolphin from Israel is the first gay-themed movie about sex that got my attention in a while. Like Weekend, the film focuses on a single hookup circumscribed by time and the participants’ expectations, character, and personalities. There’s a journey here and some unexpected emotional discoveries.

In lieu of a review, here’s a gallery of images from Rubber Dolphin which you can watch here on Kanopy or here on Amazon Prime Video.

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