Julián Hernández

Along with Chucho E. Quintero, Julián Hernández is one of the world’s premier chroniclers of gay male life. His gay films tend toward art-house cinema more so than Quintero’s. The apotheosis of this branch of his work remains Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo (Raging Sun, Raging Sky), a massive, mythopoeic cruising-and-sex odyssey that has yet to get its due from Euro/gringo cinephiles.

His recent short, El día comenzó ayer (The Day Began Yesterday), which I wrote about here, is a luminous, illuminating, and uncharastically realist depiction of young, gay male romance. It’s so far my favorite film of 2020, gay or otherwise. Its clarity and honesty are bracing, encouraging, and altogether too rare.

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