Full Gay-Themed Movie For Free: Les Amis | Friends (Gérard Blain, 1971) France

Les Amis | Friends
Directed by Gérard Blain
1 hr 33 mins, France, 1971
French language, English subtitles

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Paul (Yann Favre), a 16-year-old aspiring actor, has an affair with Philippe (Philippe March), a married and very wealthy businessman. The two go on a trip to Deauville in Philippe’s sports car and check into a luxury hotel.
Paul, who is from a comparatively poor family, makes friends with the rich young people in Deauville. Thanks to Philippe’s financial support, he can afford nice clothes, but there are other giveaways that he is not from a rich family himself, e.g. his inability to ride a horse, so he takes lessons. To fit in better with the rich kids, Paul invents a fake background story for himself, where Philippe’s occupation and wealth stand in for his real (and divorced) father. When Paul and Philippe later meet the Deauville rich kids in a bar, Paul introduces Philippe as his godfather and a friend of his supposedly wealthy family.
A few days later, Philippe has to return to Paris for business. Paul would like to stay in Deauville for a little longer and gets some more money from Philippe. Paul starts an affair with Marie-Laure (Nathalie Fontaine), but unlike his warm and loving relationship with Philippe, his fling with Marie-Laure only consists of sex and ends when Marie-Laure dumps him for another young man.
After Philippe dies in a car accident, Paul is alone again, with Nicolas (Jean-Claude Dauphin), the only real friend he made in Deauville and who suspected the nature of the relationship between Paul and his “godfather” Philippe, accompanying him to the cemetery to watch Philippe’s burial from afar.



Les Amis received the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Festival in 1971, also presented in the Official Selection at Cannes and hailed by François Truffaut, Les Amis is the first feature film as a director by actor Gérard Blain. It is above all the portrait of a teenager from a modest class who hopes to one day be able to realize himself.  Thanks to his special friendship with Philippe, in his forties, married, wealthy without being rich (but having enough money to be able to spoil him, take him out and take him on vacation), he escapes, benefits from a certain education. Every time he goes out with his benefactor, Paul wears a little suit. He drinks in her words, shows her deep respect.  They talk like two old friends.  A relationship that could have been unhealthy.  Indeed, Paul could only have accepted the company of Philippe for material reasons and the latter could have abused the youth of his protege. But their relationship goes way beyond that. They have a real affection for each other, a respect, a tenderness,

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