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Full Gay-Themed Movie For Free: 藍宇 | Lan Yu (Stanley Kwan, 2001) Hong Kong

藍宇 | Lan Yu
Directed by Stanley Kwan
1 hr 26 mins, Hong Kong | China, 2001
Mandarin language, English subtitles

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Lan Yu (Chinese: 藍宇; pinyinLán Yǔ) is a 2001 gay-themed Hong KongMainland Chinese film set in Beijing by Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan.

The movie is based on a novel published anonymously on the Internet in 1998. The filming itself took place in Beijing, without government permission. The movie, which was directed by Stanley Kwan, tells a romantic and tragic love story of two men. It is based on the Chinese novel 北京故事  (‘’Běijīng gùshì’’, [A] Beijing Story) by an author identified only as a 北京同志 (‘’Běijīng tóngzhì’’, [A] Beijing Comrade), “tongzhi” being a term that today is often used to refer to gay and lesbian identities in China.


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