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Full Gay Movie For Free: Warsha (Dania Bdeir, 2022) Lebanon

Directed by Dania Bdeir
15 mins, Lebanon, 2022
Arabic language, English subtitles.

Indie film “Warsha” tackles Arab gender taboo

In Warsha, Syrian migrant Mohammed is working as a crane operator in Beirut. When another crane operator goes missing, he volunteers to take their job on a notoriously dangerous crane. He’s filled with terror at first as he steps out on the shaking arm of the crane, which towers above the city. However, his fear is soon replaced with a sense of true freedom as he looks out at the city stretching below him. Like a phoenix, he rises above it, transcending everything — including gender. It’s incredibly beautiful, both literally and metaphorically, and writer-director Dania Bdeir has created a truly singular short in Warsha.

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