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Full Gay Movie For Free: Lonesome (Craig Boreham, 2022) Australia

Directed by Craig Boreham
1 hr 35 mins, Australia, 2022
English language, no subtitles

Rotten Tomatoes

Lonesome is an Australian drama film, directed by Craig Boreham and released in 2022. The film centres on Casey (Josh Lavery), a young man who grew up on a ranch in rural Australia but moves to Sydney when he is rejected by his father after being outed as gay.

The film’s cast also includes Daniel Gabriel as Tib, a casual sexual hookup with whom Casey gradually develops a deeper emotional and romantic connection, and Ian Roberts as Pietro, an older gay man who offers Casey work as a houseboy.

The film entered production in Sydney in June 2021.

The film was acquired for distribution by M-Appeal, and previewed at the European Film Market. It premiered in April 2022 at the Seattle International Film Festival, and was screened at the Inside Out Film and Video Festival in May, before having its Australian premiere at the Sydney Film Festival in June.

Film still from Lonesome, from Australia, gay cowboy movie
Film still from Lonesome, gay cowboy movie from Australia
Film still from Lonesome, gay cowboy movie from Australia

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