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Full Gay Movie For Free: In from the Side (Matt Carter, 2022) UK

In from the Side
Directed by Matt Carter
2 hrs 14 mins, UK, 2022
English language, no subtitles

Watch it Prime Video in the UK.
Buy the DVD on March 7 in the US.

Mark (Alexander Lincoln) is a new and relatively inexperienced rugby player on the B team at a London gay rugby club and has a drunken encounter with Warren (Alexander King) who is a star player on the A team. Both men have long-term partners. They continue to have an affair and try to keep this from their partners and teammates. When this comes into the open it ultimately puts the future of the rugby club at risk.


I’m in the minority on this one, but I found this film to be dull, unedifying, and not very sexy. Here’s what I said on Letterboxd:

It was everything I could do to get through this utterly ordinary gay romance. The firm’s only claim to novelty is the rugby field and yet it manages to fuck that up, too, with some of the most inept and unconvincing sports choreography I’ve seen in a while. But the worst of it is the generic dialogue. At one point, a character asks his lover and fellow “cheater”, “How did we end up here, Mark?” Oh, I dunno…a shitty script?

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