Full Free Gay-Themed Movie: Stranizza d’amuri | Fireworks (Giuseppe Fiorello, 2023) Italy

Stranizza d’amuri | Fireworks
Directed by Giuseppe Fiorello
2 hrs 14 mins, Italy, 2023
Fiction feature
Italian language, hard-coded English subtitles

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SYNOPSIS Sicily, summer 1982. While the whole of Italy is focused on the World Cup in Spain, Gianni, a seventeen-year-old gay boy, bullied by his peers and supported only by his mother Lina, sees his life change when, due to a random moped accident, he meets sixteen-year-old Nino. A great friendship is born between them, which will turn into a feeling that the boys will be forced to keep secret, due to the strong prejudice typical of the time and the place that is the backdrop to their lives.

Wikiwand, translated from Italian

June 1982 in Sicily. While Italians dream of winning the World Cup, two teenagers aspire to freely live their love story. Gianni, 17, faces bullying due to his homosexuality, but his life takes a turn when he unexpectedly encounters Nino, 16, a charming and innocent boy. Their deep friendship naturally evolves into love as they work together for Nino’s father, creating mesmerizing fireworks. However, when their families discover their bond, the consequences are harsh, reflecting the conservative times and values. Despite being forcibly separated, these resilient teenagers are determined to defy all odds, firmly believing that their love can conquer even death.

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