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Full Free Gay-Themed Movie: Put the Camera On Me (Adam Shell, Darren Stein; 2003) USA

Put the Camera on Me
Directed by Adam ShellDarren Stein
1 hr 10 mins, USA, 2003
Documentary feature
English language, no subtitles

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It took me years to find this in a version that didn’t cost an arm and a leg off Amazon and I’m not sure it was worth the wait. Some germs of good ideas and insight plus some dark moments but I feel they didn’t push it far enough. I’ve been watching The Sinner S04, though, so any other homosexual subtext is going to feel lukewarm compared to that.

Synopsis: A group of friends-since-childhood looks over and analyzes their collective home movies and homemade movies. Ringleader and budding gay director Darren Stein (Jawbreaker, GBF) proves to be a bit of an asshole even at 8 but his friends still seem to love him. Go figure.

It’s an oddity, for sure, and worth a look, I think.

xref: Tarnation

Rick Powell, me, on Letterboxd

Before he went on to direct Jawbreaker (1999) Sparkler (1997) Darren Stein grew up making videos. Along with his friend ‘Adam Shell’ and the other neighborhood kids these young film makers touched on such adult subjects as jealousy, cruelty, and sexuality.

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