Full Free Gay-Themed Movie: Poppy Field (Eugen Jebeleanu, 2020) Romania

Last updated on October 3rd, 2023 at 06:24 pm

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Câmp de maci | Poppy Field
Directed by Eugen Jebeleanu
1 hr 21 mins, Romania, 2020
Fiction feature
Romanian language, English subtitles


Poppy Field follows the struggle of a young Romanian gendarme, Cristi, who tries to find the balance between two apparently opposing parts of his identity: that of a man working in a macho hierarchical environment and that of a closeted gay person who tries to keep his personal life a secret. While his long-distance French boyfriend, Hadi, is visiting him, Cristi is called in for an intervention at a movie theatre, where an ultra-nationalist, homophobic group has interrupted the screening of a queer film. After one of the protesters threatens to out him, Cristi spirals out of control.


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Oktober 3, 2023 5:52 PM

C’est peut être un très bon film, mais aucun intérêt sans aucun sous titrage (anglais ou français) le roumain m’étant totalement inconnu comme pour la plupart des spectateurs !

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