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Full Free Gay-Themed Movie: Facing Fear (Jason Cohen, 2013) USA

Facing Fear
Directed by Jason Cohen
23 mins, USA, 2013
Documentary short
English language, no subtitles

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SYNOPSIS The documentary film, Facing Fear, tells the powerful and inspiring story of Matthew Boger and Tim Zaal, two individuals whose lives intersected in a remarkable way. The film explores their journey of forgiveness and reconciliation after discovering that Zaal was one of the attackers who brutally beat Boger when he was a teenager.

The film delves into the haunting accounts of the attack and the profound impact it had on both men’s lives. It also delves into their backgrounds, shedding light on the ideologies and beliefs that shaped their actions and attitudes at the time. Through their shared experience and newfound connection, Boger and Zaal are forced to confront their own fears, doubts, and anger as they navigate the challenging path towards forgiveness.

Facing Fear highlights the transformative power of forgiveness and the potential for redemption. It showcases the resilience of the human spirit and the capacity for change, even in the face of unimaginable circumstances. Ultimately, the film explores the unlikely collaboration and friendship that emerged between Boger and Zaal, demonstrating the potential for healing and growth that can arise from confronting one’s past and embracing empathy and understanding.

The documentary was nominated for an Academy Award®, further underscoring its impact and the universal themes it explores. Through the lens of Boger and Zaal’s story, Facing Fear encourages viewers to reflect on their own beliefs, biases, and capacity for forgiveness, ultimately inspiring hope and promoting dialogue around issues of hate, prejudice, and reconciliation.

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