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Full Free Gay-Themed Movie: Baltringue | Freed (Josza Anjembe, 2019) France

Baltringue | Freed
Directed by Josza Anjembe
20 mins, France, 2019
Fiction short
French language, English subtitles

Baltringue is available on a shorts compilation called The French Boys, which can be streamed on Amazon Prime. #CommissionEarned


“It comes from within me, from my internalized lesbophobia, when I started falling in love with girls. It was a self-examination about the mechanisms that pushed me to enter a mental, psychic and societal confinement.  I wanted to write about this.  The theme of incarceration came from a purely cinematographic question: how to represent confinement? 

At the time, I organized visual literacy workshops in prison and it seemed logical to me to inscribe this story in a prison.  To talk about men, I have researched a great deal on homosexuality in prison.  It is a way of not talking only about myself, of taking a distance from my story and allowing space for cinematic representations.  Writing about men allowed me to enter into fiction.”*

Josza Anjembe: [translation from French by Beti Ellerson]

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