Free Streaming Gay Movie: Nighthawks (Ron Peck; 1978) USA


Directed by Ron Peck
1h 53min, USA, 1978

Ron Peck’s followup documentary to Nighthawks, Strip Jack Naked, can be found in the collection, which you can gain instant access to simply by leaving a comment. No email address is required!

It’s funny how dozens of gay films (by gay filmmakers) for the past twenty years or so have been guilty of punishing their own characters for having an active sex life, how we still struggle with including sex positivity in our own stories, and here comes Ron Peck, 40 years ago, and paints a so-honest-it-hurts portrait of the boring everyday life of a gay man with no extra judgement, just the facts.

Chucho E. Quintero’s Review of Nighthawks on Letterboxd

Nighthawks is a 1978 narrative film by Ron Peck. It follows the day-to-day life of a gay man in London. The film realistically portrays day-to-day gay life in London at the time. It shows a gay man, played by Ken Robertson, teaching geography during the day and going to gay pubs at night. His students ultimately challenge him with questions as to whether he is bent/queer. He responds that he is and answers their questions about his homosexuality calmly.


For Peck, life and cinema began to blur as friends were drafted into the cast. “There was a real confusion in my mind about whether people were playing themselves or acting out characters.” But the point of the film was never in doubt: “It was to put up on the screen something of that life which I and others were living.”

Ron Pecks’ Obituary in The Guardian

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