Free Full Kinda Gay Movie: The Slaughter Rule (Alex Smith, Andrew J. Smith; 2002) USA

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The Slaughter Rule
Directed by Alex SmithAndrew J. Smith
1 hr 52 mins, USA, 1995

Fiction feature
English language, English subtitles

I mentioned this movie while writing mostly about The Graffiti Artist here. It’s also listed in this old list of my favorite movies.

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“The Slaughter Rule,” a 2002 film co-written and directed by Alex and Andrew Smith, is a coming-of-age sports drama set in a small Montana town. The story follows high school student Roy Chutney, played by Ryan Gosling, who is grappling with the sudden death of his father and the unraveling of his personal life. After being cut from his high school football team, Roy is recruited by a mysterious drifter named Gideon, portrayed by David Morse, to play in a six-man football league. As Roy and Gideon form an unusual mentor-mentee relationship, the film delves into themes of masculinity, mentorship, younger man/older man friendship, loss, and identity within the rugged confines of rural America.


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